What you should know about breast cancer?

Breast cancer starts from the unrestrained growth and division of cells. This uncontrollable growth doesn’t stop at a specific stage. The cell keep dividing and it starts infecting other cells.  These cells enter into a cell division loop process, and it keeps dividing and keeps creating new malignant cells. Due to uncontainable cell division and cell growth, a lump starts forming and the tumor itself starts growing due to uncontrollable division. This tumor feels like a lump and can be touched from outside the skin.

How to decide if is it a cancerous tumor?

For analyzing if it’s an oncogenic tumor, doctors prescribe a biopsy test. If the lump is aggressive and attacking the adjacent tissue or have indication of dispersal to other parts, then it’s a malignant lump. Most of us don’t have proper information about it and because of misinformation women are not properly conscious about breast cancer. Breast cancer isn’t rare among men.

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Breast cancer is the most frequently recognized malignancy among women. Among other treatment processes, enhanced lesser treatment is most successful.

What is the origin of breast cancer?

Breast malignancy can originate from any portion of the breast there is no specific risk part of the breast from where it arises. Most cancer begins at ducts that produce milk in them and the cancer disseminate to nipple area. Other kinds of breast cancer began in the glands. Skin related breast cancers are called melanomas.

What are some risk factors for breast cancer?

A risk factor does not essentially mean that somebody will get breast cancer. On the other hand not having risk factor doesn’t mean you aren’t in the risk area. Anybody can be affected by this sickness, but risk factors make some favorable circumstances for breast cancer to attack you. So, if you now have some risk factors try to refer to your consultant at the primary stage. It’s always better to avert than to cure.

Some risk factors are:


  • Age of the patient
  • Some Genetic mutation in certain genes, like BRCA1 and BRCA2. People who have this genetic mutation in their genes, they are in the risk zone.
  • Early menstrual symptoms or frequent menstrual cycles
  • Pregnancy after general age
  • Not following a substantially active regime
  • Late menopause
  • Taking too many oral pill preventing pregnancy
  • Irregular hormonal treatment

If a person checks all the above mentioned risk factors, then she can stay away from the deadly disease of cancer affecting the body.

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